Maa .. Let us Live !

Mother Earth please stop weeping
We hit your Womb by Drilling 
We cut your nerves by cutting trees
I can see your feet Cracking due to Drought 
We are the reason for today you are sick
Apologies, we even break Your Skin and Bone
Your tears overflows by resulting glacier melts
Sea level raises -so my Fear of living
Don't get angry, we are getting cyclones
Don't be agressive we are getting Thunders
Be calm so we will not get Floods & Earthquake 
Forgive us more for our sins against you 
Love us even more as you always Do
Be patient... I want you to rent my children
I pity you for your unconditional love on us
I can understand your agony 
I can Feel your Heart Beat beneath my Feet
What about the Rainbows and Fresh Air
Where are the Crows and Monkeys 
Why do we hurt you every Time..why ?
Yes , Humans are the boon and Treat 
I wish we should never have been exist
Mother Earth please stop Weeping..
Dear Earth hold on your Breath !
                                                                                   - ARCHANA KARAN

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