Fossil day is celebrated on 2nd Wednesday in the month of October.

Before knowing the significance and why do we celebrate fossil day, let us first know about what ‘FOSSIL’ is in brief.

Simply say fossil is a “Remains of Ancient Plants and Animals”. But there are huge definitions for the term Fossil in various perspectives.

Generally, remains traces and impressions of ancient life, either plant or animal which is preserved in soft rocks like sedimentary rocks undergoing different types of natural processes is said to be a Fossil.

The fossil may be bones, shells, imprints or other organic matter which gets mineralized over millions of years to attain its property.


Ammonite fossil


Fossil day is celebrated for many reasons, few among them are,

  • People visit museums as they exhibit ancient fossils. So that we can get to know the Earth’s history.
  • Workshops are conducted to the students and teach them the fossilization process and also discuss the current trends in it.
  • It provides information and awareness to the common people that how far preserving fossils and geological sites is important.
  • More importantly as fossils provide evidence of past climate changes and the environmental conditions, this leads to discussions about climate changes, which is the present ongoing life-threatening event.

Fossils are of many types and various modes of preservation are suggested.

Fossils are used for the study of ancient history, oil and gas exploration, dating geology layers and many more.

Let us discuss fossil in detail in the upcoming articles.

“The Impressions We Make Now Stays Forever”

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