Canada Faces Massive Wild Fire:

Heat wave
Lytton, A village in British Columbia undergoes 53°c temperature.

A part of the country is on fire, nearly 500-1000 people are in danger. About 183 places all around spread the wildfire.

Lytton is generally a less economical village with more wooden houses and fences of a maximum of 30°c temperature and trees all around. This is the normal weather condition there.

canada heatwave

Gradually temperature raised to the 49.6°c. Made it the hottestplace after the world's hottest place "Death valley".But it took 12000years to change snow to the present hottest place.

At the beginning due to this heatwave a tree catches fire and within an hour there comes an official announcement to vacate the village. Immediately 17 people lost their lives and yet they're no perfect count. there is a prediction of huge cattle loss.

90% of Lytton village erased due to this catastrophic fire.

More than 150 ranges of wildfire occurred in western Canada. fire is spreading quickly.

Canada's prime minister "Mr.Justin Trundean" states that "many lives have been lost and the risk of wildfire is at a high dangerous level".

Approximately 486 deaths were recorded in only British Columbia.

Wildfire in the United States:
america heatwave

There is a severe terrific wildfire in the states of California,utals,navada, Washington, and newmexico.

Death records of approximately 60 people in Oregon and 90 people in Washington have been identified at present.

Temperature recorded at 4 states is 46°c.

Two catholic churches were destroyed due to wildfire.

 THE US. President "Mr.Joe Biden" states that "climate change is driving a dangerous confluence of extreme heat and prolonged drought".Also says that "Wildfire are not a partisan phenomenon. They don't stop at a country or at state line or country line for that matter. Right now, we have to act fast, we're late in the game here.

america heatwave

For about 9000 firefighters have been developed in the country to recuse lives.

The most affected states are Washington, Oregon, Seattle, and Portland.

In both the countries U.S and Canada, they arranged emergency cooling centers across the states, water bottles and hats are distributed by the social workers.

Climatic Change in India:

  •     As per IMD (Indian Metrological Department)on June 30, 2021, Delhi the capital of India witnesses the heatwave.
  • The maximum temperature recorded in Delhi on June 29th is about 43°c which is the highest recorded temperature of the year.
  • This is classified as the "Heatwave" of the year 2021.

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